Pipsqueak Productions Intl. Barks 30 Years in Business!


We are happy to announce the celebration of Pipsqueak Productions 30th anniversary! For this celebration, we will unleash specials every 30th of every month for its 30th anniversary year. 

Many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years so one way of saying thank you is to offer them special  savings throughout the year and at the trade shows. They rely on me to come up with new innovative products and designs each year.  Many request certain breeds or have ideas for new products.

Pipsqueak Productions special monthly events will offer us the opportunity to introduce new products to our loyal costumers. We are currently developing special breed gift boxes for Stationery, Kitchen products as well as a Birthday Box.

Our team will also provide specials and promotional support to nonprofit organizations as well as arts, community and cultural causes. One of our goals with Pipsqueak Productions Intl. is to 'connect' to communities and causes. We feel it is important to support causes both within and outside of industries and communities, and we have over 30 years of experience in developing strategies, both for the donor and for the charitable recipient.

Since 1986, Pipsqueak Productions Intl. has been known as the pet greeting card and gift company that pet owners adore. Mary Badenhop, the woman behind the art and business of Pipsqueak Productions Intl. is well known for her witty interpretations and original illustrations of our favorite dog and cat breeds. She started with only 25 greeting cards and now has over 550 designs in over 100 breeds in over 25 products.

This is an exciting new chapter for me personally and professionally as a business woman and artist.  I am thrilled to be able to make people happy through my artwork which comes from something I love to do.

30th Ann


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